Senators Look Into String of Metro Accidents

By Peter DePaolis

Federal Intervention Possible After Deaths

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Metro accidents have dominated the Washington, D.C. area news over the past year, with several accidents claiming the lives of Metro employees and passengers and injuring many others. Millions of area residents rely on the Metro to commute to school, work, and other social activities every day.

The high number of accidents involving the Metro has made the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) a target of Congressional investigations. A letter from a group of senators to Peter Benjamin, Chairman of the WMATA, mentioned a “troubling pattern of safety incidents involving the Metrorail system”. The senators noted that the 17 deaths involving the Metro since 2005 have far outpaced the number of deaths on any other public transportation system in the United States. Along with the Obama administration, the senators have proposed legislation to incorporate direct federal intervention in the management of the Metro.

Metro accidents can result from faulty equipment or negligent behavior on the part of Metro operators. Investigations into past Metro accidents have revealed inconsistent safety oversight and poor operation tactics by operators. Metro operators may have improperly switched lines or may have been slow to react due to excessive fatigue or improper training.

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