Regulators Fine Ski Maker for Defective Skis

If the onset of winter means ski season for you, pay attention to the binding plates on your skis. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a civil penalty against Nordica USA last month. The CPSC accused the ski maker of knowingly failing to immediately report defective binding plates on their “XBi ALU Skis.” As a result, Nordica USA agreed to pay a $214,000 fine.

The problems with the defective product go back to 2008 when Nordica USA received almost 200 reports of the binding plates cracking and breaking. The CPSC accused Nordica USA of failing to report the known problem with the bindings, as required by federal law. A company must report any information about a defective product to the CPSC within 24 hours. Cracked binding plates can cause users to lose control and suffer serious injuries on the ski slopes.

There were no reports of injuries from the defective bindings, but Nordica USA recalled over 4,000 pairs of skis because of the bindings. Although Nordica USA agreed to pay the CPSC fine, it maintains that it did not violate any laws.

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