Reckless Boat Driver Causes Fatal Accident

By Peter DePaolis

A Virginia boat operator collided with another boat along the Potomac River earlier this summer. The collision took the life of a woman on the other boat and now the Virginia man faces criminal charges from the fatal boating accident. According to, Virginia authorities charged the 72-year-old man with reckless operation of a vessel and failure to keep a proper lookout while operating a vessel.

The boat collision happened in Monroe Bay when the man’s 18-foot boat struck a second 18-foot boat. Witnesses said the man’s boat became airborne and landed on the victim’s boat. A 53-year-old woman on the second boat suffered injuries in the crash. Rescue workers transported her to Mary Washington Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries, according to a spokesperson for the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.

The woman’s husband suffered serious head injuries in the accident. Investigators said the victim’s boat stopped suddenly to avoid a jet ski. The suspect’s boat could not stop in time and hit the victim’s vessel. Both boats capsized in the bay after the crash. There is no word on the status of the victim’s husband. Get in touch with our office today for more information.

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