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Recent Report Reveals Washington D.C. Has ‘Worst Drivers in the Nation’

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According to a new study, Washington, D.C. drivers are twice more likely to get into traffic accidents than the national average, making residents of the nation’s capital the worst drivers in the U.S.

The average American goes approximately 10 years between each car accident. According to Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers report, Washington residents go an average of 4.8 years between accidents.

This data does not determine why Washington drivers are worse than in other cities, but researchers suggested the capital’s busy lifestyle may be to blame. Washington residents are also much more likely to drive; more Washingtonians have vehicles than residents of other large cities.

The study revealed Baltimore as having the second-worst drivers in America, with the average Baltimore motorist experiencing a car accident every 5.4 years. Drivers in Fort Collins, Colorado are the safest in the nation, with an average of 13.9 years between accidents.

Residents in big cities are more likely to crash than those who live in smaller towns. Drivers in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York were among the most accident-prone drivers in the country.

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