Protesters Decry Canadian Government’s Efforts to Re-Open Asbestos Mine

By Peter DePaolis

A few weeks ago, protesters took to the streets around the world in front of Canadian embassies. The protests took place in South Korea, Hong Kong, Belgium and American cities, such as Washington, D.C. and New York City. The reason for the protests is the Canadian government’s decision to re-open and expand the Jeffrey Mine in Quebec, which is one of the world’s largest asbestos mines.

The company that operated the Jeffrey Mine is under bankruptcy protection. After it was unable to find private sector financing, the Canadian government came to its aid. The company would be exporting the majority of the asbestos outside of Canada, many of which are developing countries with less oversight and less developed legal systems.

Washington, D.C. worker unions, Local 602 and Local 24, sent representatives to the protest to protect those that Canada’s decision will endanger. Workers at the Canadian mine will suffer exposure to the deadly substance. People overseas in developing countries will, as well. A Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyer is available to advise you of your rights if your employer has been negligent about your safety.

Fifty-two countries have banned all forms of asbestos. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for its complete banning. As early as the 1920s, scientists and workers noticed the health problems that exposure to asbestos causes. Experts expect asbestos litigation in the United States alone to reach 700,000 cases in the coming decades, as people come down with mesothelioma and other deadly diseases relating to asbestos.

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About the Author
Peter DePaolis joined the firm in 1980 and has since represented a large number of individuals involved in automobile collisions, truck accidents, bus crashes, defective products, and medical malpractice cases. A significant portion of Mr. DePaolis’ practice is devoted to working on behalf of people suffering from asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other asbestos-related cancers. He has led his firm’s fight against the asbestos industry and has recovered over $30 million in damages for asbestos victims and their families.