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Professional Boxer Guilty of Assault in Maryland

Professional boxer Ronald Boyd is behind bars in Maryland after a conviction of first-degree assault last month. The conviction comes approximately one year after police arrested Boyd outside a Prince George’s bar for choking and repeatedly punching his wife. Court documents said Boyd choked her to the point of taking her feet off the ground. Eight months after the assault, police found Boyd’s wife shot to death in her car. The killing occurred two days after she and Boyd had their divorce finalized. Police are yet to charge anyone in the killing of Boyd’s wife.

The 31-year-old Boyd received the maximum sentence of 25 years in jail for the assault on his wife. Boyd reportedly assaulted his wife after seeing her hugging another man. The assault caused her to black out and broke her cheekbone. The victim’s sister said she had to undergo plastic surgery to correct the damage to her face.

The assault charge against Boyd was up-graded to first-degree assault after the judge determined that Boyd’s fists qualified as a weapon. Police say Boyd is a person of interest in his ex-wife’s murder.

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