Prince George’s County Executive Charged in Federal Corruption Investigation

The FBI arrested Jack Johnson, Prince George’s County Executive, on charges in an ongoing federal corruption investigation. Authorities also arrested Johnson’s wife, Leslie, in the investigation. Federal agents charged the pair with felony witness and evidence tampering. Johnson is currently wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet under house arrest.

Former Washington, D.C. councilmember and expert in legal affairs, attorney William Lightfoot, says that more parties are certainly involved in the crime. The fact that there is a check for $100,000 and that the Johnsons had approximately $80,000 cash in their home, possibly signals a large-scale project with large profits. According to Lightfoot, other council members could be involved as well.

Prince George’s County had been under suspicion for years, including problems within its police department, which caused the FBI to look at activity in the county. Lightfoot says that the incoming county executive now has the opportunity to bring about good government. More leaks, arrests and indictments could be on the way, according to Lightfoot.

One county resident said Jack Johnson did good for the county and its development while in office, and the news of his arrest came as a shock.

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