Pictures Speak Louder than Words: Taking Photos after an Accident

auto accident

No doubt, you have an iPhone or other smartphone with you at all times. One of the benefits of this technology is that it puts a camera at your disposal in any instance. Nowhere is a camera more beneficial than in the aftermath of a car accident or any other accident causing personal injury. A photograph can show details that a written statement cannot show. For example, someone can dispute your statement about the size of a spill on a grocery store floor, but it is hard to dispute a photo showing the exact size of the spill.

Having photographs of the accident scene will also help your personal injury lawyer and insurance adjuster. Photographs of the accident scene and property damage can show details that could fade from your memory over time.

If your injuries allow you to do so, make sure you are quick about taking photos after a car accident or other accident that causes you injury. Police sometimes clear car accident scenes in a hurry. Property owners might clean up that spill soon after your fall. A standard accident report form will ask you to draw pictures, but having actual photographs is a great supplement.

Have you suffered injuries in a car accident or on another person’s property? Were you able to document the scene with photos? Call our team of attorneys today to explore your options.

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