Pedestrian Struck by Train in Gaithersburg, Maryland

By Peter DePaolis

If you are walking and you come across a train track, you should proceed with caution, similarly to the way you would if you were driving a car. You should always avoid walking along train tracks—if you are struck, the sheer force of a train could kill or catastrophically injure you.

Other ways to avoid train-pedestrian accidents include avoiding headphone use so that you can hear safety warnings or an oncoming locomotive. Ideally, the best way you can avoid a pedestrian-train accident is by avoiding train tracks through planning your walk before you travel.

A Tragic Train Accident

Sadly, on January 5, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a train in Gaithersburg, according to WUSA-TV. The station reported that a train traveling in the area of the Germantown MARC station on 19330 Mateny Hill Road struck 20-year-old William Alexander Buendia Rodriguez.

According to the station, Rodriguez was seen in the area walking prior to the accident, which remains under investigation.

Can I File a Lawsuit Following a Train Accident?

If your loved one has been injured or killed following a train accident, make sure you speak to our attorneys. We can investigate the accident to determine if there were any errors that played a role in the crash, including whether there were issues with lighting or gates near the area where the crash took place.

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