NTSB Investigating Fatal Tour Sightseeing Helicopter Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the fatal helicopter crash that occurred earlier this month near Las Vegas, Nevada. The crash killed all four passengers in addition to the helicopter pilot, according to an NTSB spokesperson.

What the NTSB knows at this point is that the helicopter made a sharp climb and several sharp turns before crashing into a canyon near the Colorado River. The craft crashed from an altitude of about 3,500 feet, killing all five passengers instantly. An NTSB spokesperson said it is difficult to determine a cause at this point because the helicopter’s flight pattern before impact was too erratic.

By all accounts, the helicopter underwent routine maintenance the day before the fatal accident. Investigators said it had an engine replacement the day before the accident.

The NTSB is working with the French agency BEA because the helicopter was manufactured in France. Investigators from the two agencies are gathering pieces of the helicopter and transporting them to Phoenix for further examination. It could take up to one year for a full report on the helicopter crash, commented the NTSB spokesperson.

Have you had a frightening experience on a helicopter tour ride?

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