Nationwide Study Finds that Workplace Safety is the Most Important Issue for Workers

By Peter DePaolis

Last month, the University of Chicago published the results of a study entitled “Public Attitudes Towards and Experiences with Workplace Safety”. The study looked at multiple surveys and polls and found that the most important labor issue for workers is workplace safety. Workplace safety even ranked higher than things like family and maternity leave and the right to join a union. For more information about improving workplace safety for all workers, a Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney is available to provide assistance.

The study highlighted an important problem with workplace safety: even though almost everyone cites it as important, people only tend to pay attention to it when it is too late, after disasters occur. Then, after the accidents, the focus tends to turn elsewhere. The director of the study cited the BP oil spill as an example. The focus has been almost exclusively on the dollar amount of damages associated with the spill and the cleanup of the environment. News outlets devoted far less attention to the fact that 11 workers died in the initial rig explosion that started the leak.

Workplace safety should focus on preventing accidents altogether. Inadequate safety equipment and training as well as poor attitudes towards safety on the part of employees can contribute to workplace dangers. Additionally, the study found that job-related stress is an important factor contributing to workplace accidents. Over a fifth of all workers reported that they found their jobs always or often stressful. Such negative experiences and feelings towards work can lead to lapses in judgment and can put others at risk.

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