More People May Be Involved in Federal Corruption Case

As mentioned in a prior blog entry, FBI agents arrested Prince George’s County Executive, Jack Johnson, on charges of felony witness and evidence tampering. Agents also arrested Johnson’s wife, Leslie, on the same charges. The arrests were part of an FBI sting operation. Jack Johnson is under house arrest, but he is able to go to work. Officials now say that more arrests could be on the way.

Federal investigators described the Johnsons’ arrest as the tip of the iceberg in an ongoing federal corruption investigation. Attorney William Lightfoot is a legal affairs expert and former Washington, D.C. council member, and he agrees that more arrests and indictments are imminent. The evidence suggests that more people are involved on the criminal end as well as those who were a part of the FBI sting, according to Lightfoot.

Lightfoot said that the arrests are unfortunate, but that incoming elected officials can advocate for good government and pass laws that are strong on ethics. People expect elected public officials to do well, and developers or anyone doing business should want to operate honestly in an open market, commented Lightfoot.

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