Montgomery County School Bus Cameras Issuing Tickets to Negligent Drivers

By Peter DePaolis

According to WJLA ABC 7, on January 2, in Montgomery County, Maryland, cameras began keeping tabs on motorists who pass stopped school buses.

In Maryland, when a school bus is stopped with activated flashing red lights, the law states that motorists traveling in the same direction must stop as well. In addition, unless there is a barrier, such as a median, separating their lane from the lane the bus is traveling in, motorists moving in the opposite direction also must stop.

Over winter break, 100 buses were outfitted with cameras, according to Montgomery County police. The cameras record vehicles passing stopped buses with activated flashing red lights. Routes with the highest reports of violations will be targeted most. The police will review the recordings, and violators will be mailed citations with $125 fines.

“Each of Montgomery County’s six bus depots will start with one camera-equipped bus,” stated officials. “That will be expanded to more vehicles over the next several weeks.”

My Child Was Injured in a Bus Accident and I Need Legal Representation

Little can match the devastation of a child being injured or, worse yet, killed in a transportation accident. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of some drivers, countless children’s lives are endangered everyday just riding the bus back and forth to school.

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