Mesothelioma Victims Center Offers Comprehensive and Individualized Treatment

The Mesothelioma Victims Center in Washington, D.C. prides itself on being the most comprehensive treatment option report anywhere in the world for victims of mesothelioma cancer. The center serves as a one-stop resource for individuals and U.S. Navy Veterans, and it provides treatment information specifically tailored to each patient.

One of the center’s missions is to provide a free service to steer people to the best doctors, oncologists and hospitals in their region. The staff makes the telephone calls and gives victims the names of the best mesothelioma lawyers and law firms that can help protect their legal rights.

According to the center, approximately 3,000 people will receive a mesothelioma diagnosis in 2011, and about 1,000 of those will be U.S. Navy Veterans. Other groups at a high risk of mesothelioma include plumbers, electricians, miners, demolition contractors, railroad workers, vehicle brake technicians, oil refiner workers and shipyard workers. Workers from 1950 to 1970 likely experienced high levels of asbestos exposure on the job. It can be up to 50 years before mesothelioma symptoms manifest in an individual, according to the center.

What is mesothelioma? It is a fatal form of cancer often with a short life expectancy. The best way to protect your rights as a victim is to contact a Virginia mesothelioma lawyer at Koonz, Mckenney, Johnson, DePaolis for a free consultation. Peter DePaolis is an experienced Virginia mesothelioma attorney who can represent you in your legal claim.