Mesothelioma Injures Family and Friends of Asbestos Workers

By Peter DePaolis

The dangers of working around asbestos have been documented for decades. But unfortunately, the problems surrounding such asbestos work continue to mount. Mesothelioma is a devastating condition that debilitates and kills. The most common type of mesothelioma occurs when an individual working around asbestos breathes in asbestos particles into his lungs. The particles then work their way into the tissues surrounding the lungs and frequently develop into cancer. When this happens, it becomes difficult for the individual to breathe and he develops chest pain. An individual who develops this type of mesothelioma typically dies within two years of developing the symptoms.

People who work directly with asbestos are not the only ones at risk for contracting mesothelioma. Those who live with the individuals who work around the substance are also at risk for breathing in the asbestos found on the workers’ clothing.

Mesothelioma negligence

When an individual contracts mesothelioma, he is not always the one to blame for the condition. Individuals who work as part of a construction or building remodeling team can come in contact with asbestos without knowing it, if the building is not tested for asbestos prior to beginning the project. Further, if the workers aren’t wearing the proper safety gear while working around the asbestos, the asbestos fibers can find their ways into the individual’s lungs or digestive system without them even aware of the situation.

Personal injury cases

Those who are injured as a result of no fault of their own have a right to be made financially whole once again by filing a claim against the at fault party. Establishing a link between an injury and a particular incident can be difficult. Proving that a particular party is responsible for the injury can be even more treacherous.

People who are injured due to no fault of their own should hire an experienced Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyer to work on their behalf and conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. Such a qualified personal injury attorney can weed through the red tape to reach a settlement with the at-fault party or can seamlessly take a case to court if need be to achieve the optimum results for a plaintiff.

About the Author
Peter DePaolis joined the firm in 1980 and has since represented a large number of individuals involved in automobile collisions, truck accidents, bus crashes, defective products, and medical malpractice cases. A significant portion of Mr. DePaolis’ practice is devoted to working on behalf of people suffering from asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other asbestos-related cancers. He has led his firm’s fight against the asbestos industry and has recovered over $30 million in damages for asbestos victims and their families.