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Mesothelioma: Conversations with Your Doctor, Understanding Your Doctor’s Advice

Peter C. DePaolis

If a doctor diagnoses you with mesothelioma cancer, you will have a lot of questions about treatment options and what to expect in the oncoming years. These types of conversations with your oncologist are important, and you will want to preserve the information that your doctor gives you. It is important to have a family member or a friend with you who can take notes and ask important questions.

The conversation about your mesothelioma symptoms and treatment might take place when your doctor is extremely busy. In addition, your emotional state might prevent you from fully processing the information from your oncologist. Having someone with you will allow you to

  • Focus on listening so that you do not have to take notes
  • Focus on your questions
  • Replay the conversation later for yourself and your family

Moreover, the doctor might take more time with you if he or she knows that someone is there with you to make sure the doctor’s advice is clear and helpful to you.

Has a doctor diagnosed you or a loved one with mesothelioma?

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