Medicare Pays $5.1 Billion to Eliminate Inadequate Nursing Home Care

In February, Medicare paid billions in taxpayer dollars to nursing homes nationwide that were not meeting basic requirements to look after their elderly residents.

The report stated that Medicare paid $5.1 billion to revamp nursing facilities that failed to meet the federal quality of care rules, in some cases resulting in dangerous and neglectful conditions.

One out of three elderly patients winds up in nursing homes every year, landing in facilities that fail to follow basic care standards laid out by the federal agency that administers Medicare.

The elderly who need daily help from a nurse typically are sent to skilled nursing facilities, which can get reimbursed by the government for the care they provide. By law, nursing homes are required to write up care plans tailored to each resident, so the medical staff is informed on how to help residents reach the highest level of well-being.

The report concluded that the government could be spending taxpayer money on facilities that endanger people’s health.

Has Your Loved One Been Neglected or Abused at a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes should be nurturing places for elderly persons to enjoy the last years of their lives. Unfortunately, nursing home residents can be physically and emotionally abused and can find themselves receiving substandard care.

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