Medical Negligence and Birth Injuries

By Peter DePaolis

The terms “birth injury” and “birth trauma” refer to injuries to babies caused by complications during labor and delivery. Some birth injuries are relatively minor, but others can create lifelong complications for the child. While a difficult delivery may cause birth trauma, negligence on the part of the doctor and/or the hospital staff can also cause or contribute to birth injuries.

Common medical mistakes during childbirth include:

  • Failure to respond appropriately to bleeding
  • Failure to respond to fetal distress
  • Failure to anticipate birth complications
  • Misuse of forceps
  • Delay in performing a necessary cesarean section

Medical mistakes can also occur after the delivery. Mistreating an infection, for example, can be especially serious for a newborn baby. Although complications during childbirth are not out of the ordinary, doctors and hospital staff are required to adhere to an established standard of care for all patients. When medical professionals fail to live up to that standard of care, they place your child’s health and development at risk.

Understandably, parents find it frustrating to know that a doctor’s negligence may have caused their child’s birth injury. Have you or someone you know suffered birth trauma that was potentially caused by medical negligence?

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