Medical Care Under Workers’ Comp

By Peter DePaolis

Ensuring you receive proper medical care while collecting workers’ compensation benefits can be difficult after an injury on the job. However, failing to follow workers’ comp procedures can lead to serious consequences. Knowing what to do to receive proper medical care and how to provide documentation could mean the difference between continuing to receive workers’ compensation benefits and a denial of coverage in Northern Virginia.

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What Should I Know About Receiving Medical Care Under Northern Virginia Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation pays for hospital or any other medical expenses required to diagnose and treat the workplace injury for which you receive benefits. You should also receive benefits to pay for rehabilitation and retraining.

After an injury on the job, be sure to seek medical attention immediately. Any delay in seeking medical care may reflect poorly on your claim. If your injury requires immediate care, go to an emergency room and tell the staff you have been injured on the job.

Depending on the state and your employer’s workers’ comp insurance policy, you may have to be treated by their own doctor or a provider in their network. Check with our experienced Virginia work injury lawyers today to determine which course is applicable to your case.

After you receive any necessary emergency care for your workplace injury, it is important to research which doctor or specialist is covered under your workers’ comp insurance for follow-up care. If you see a doctor that is not in the network, your claim may be denied.

Save Your Workers’ Comp Medical Records and Take Notes about Your Workplace Injury

During your visit, make sure you tell the healthcare professional about any discomfort or symptoms you are experiencing, even if they seem inconsequential at the time. Take notes and keep a medical journal with dates regarding your visits and what treatments have been provided. Write down how you are feeling and any response to treatments, whether good or bad.

You must seek regular medical care if you suffer from an injury that grants you workers’ compensation benefits. Follow your doctor’s instructions and do not miss appointments. You should also receive a disability slip when you visit the doctor. Make sure you always receive this document and that it includes the dates you are unable to work along with the doctor’s signature.

When your doctor allows you to return to light-duty or full-duty work, be sure to inform your employer and your work injury attorney as soon as possible. Your employer can let you know if any light-duty positions are available, and your attorney can determine how a light-duty or full-duty position will affect your workers’ comp benefits.

No one plans for an injury at work, which is why our workman’s comp attorneys are always available to answer any workers’ comp questions about gaining medical treatment and compensation.

Looking for a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Handle Your Claim?

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