Maryland Cracking Down on Work Zone Speeders

By Peter DePaolis

Every year, approximately 1,400 people suffer injuries in Maryland work-zone car accidents. The latest incident occurred last month when a vehicle struck a state highway worker as he directed traffic around some utility work. The worker suffered severe injuries, including brain bleeding that will permanently alter his life.

The Maryland State Highway Administration used the accident to highlight the need for drivers to slow down in highway work zones. Officials from the Federal Highway Administration, American Traffic Safety Service Association and the American Association of State Highway Transportation launched National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week at a construction site along the Intercounty Connector (ICC). The ICC will connect portions of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties when finished.

The state will continue to use SafeZone speed cameras to help reduce work-zone crashes. Authorities fine drivers for exceeding the speed limit by 12 miles or more in areas with a 45 mph speed limit. Since 2009, the cameras have helped issue more than 470,000 citations.

Over the past decade, Maryland averaged 2,646 work-zone crashes per year. Officials hope the cameras and continued police presence in work zones will reduce the injuries and fatalities.

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