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Maryland Accident on Interstate 81 Involved More Than 20 Vehicles Including Semi Trucks

Posted on January 1, 2014 to

On December 8, a massive 20-car pileup occurred on Interstate 81 near State Route 58 that closed the roadway for over 3 hours. Maryland State Police cited that the highway became blocked when one tractor-trailer traveled into the median to steer clear of several cars that had spun out due to wintry conditions.

However, as the first tractor-trailer attempted to avoid the other vehicles, another semi crashed into the tractor-trailer. The force of the impact caused the second large truck to overturn and spill the load it was hauling. Other tractor-trailers traveling behind this wreck were forced to run off the road in an attempt to avoid causing more collisions, which in turn caused several semis to dangerously jackknife.

Maryland authorities reported that all together, about 12 to 15 separate accidents occurred that involved over 20 vehicles. Due to blocked roads, North and Southbound I-81 had to close for roughly 3 hours while snow removal efforts were ongoing. Multiple tow trucks, both conventional and heavy duty, responded to the scene and worked to help make the roadways travelable again. Many cars pulled out of the snow were able to be driven away.

Another Motorist’s Reckless Driving Caused My Injuries in a Maryland Truck Accident

When wintry conditions on the roadways make it unsafe to drive, it is the responsibility of all motorists to devote their undivided attention to the road. If another driver does not take heed to the surrounding conditions, and this negligence causes your involvement in a serious auto or trucking accident, the other driver may be responsible for your injuries. This negligence could include failing to adjust to a safe speed limit, running off the road as well as not properly maintaining or preparing the vehicle for cold weather.

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Did You Know: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Maryland had 505 traffic fatalities with 65 accidents involving large trucks in 2012.

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