Man Struck and Killed by Amtrak Train

An Amtrak train carrying over 100 passengers on its way from Washington, D.C. to South Station struck and killed a man earlier this month. The victim of the train accident was a male in his late 20s according to a report at

A transit police spokesperson said the victim was with two friends, but they do not know why the victim was on the tracks. The operator saw the man on the tracks and tried stopping the train, but it took about a mile before the train completely stopped, according to the spokesperson. Homicide detectives were at the accident scene, but the accident does not appear to be suspicious.

None of the train’s passengers or crew suffered injuries in the fatal accident. Amtrak sent a rescue train to the scene to pick up the passengers. The particular Amtrak train involved in the accident can travel up to speeds of 150 mph. Investigators do not know how fast it was traveling when it struck the victim. An investigation of the train accident is ongoing.

One of the victim’s friends spoke to a witness after the accident. The friend said he did not know how or why the victim was on the railroad tracks. Contact our team of personal injury attorneys today.

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