Is a Wisconsin Avenue Crosswalk Dangerous?

By Peter DePaolis

WUSA-TV reported that there was a pedestrian accident this summer at a crosswalk on Wisconsin Avenue in D.C. that many people claim is dangerous.

According to the news source, the incident occurred in June when a man was walking at a crosswalk on Wisconsin Avenue at Veazy Street. A car traveling at full speed allegedly struck the man.

The victim had to be transported to a hospital for injury treatment—his head allegedly slammed into the car’s windshield. Pedestrians told WUSA that the crosswalk is dangerous. Many said they try to avoid walking in the area due to fears over being struck by a vehicle.

One man told WUSA that he began using a strategy to cross the road at the intersection. “It’s a give-[and]-take sometimes you kind of have to make yourself known, kinda jump out there a little bit, then step back to make sure people know you’re there,” the man said.

WUSA reported that there are signs warning drivers to stop and yield to pedestrians, but many do not. Some people said they believe a light should be added to the intersection, letting drivers know when pedestrians are crossing.

In February, we discussed how the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) began to list the most congested intersections in D.C., to give people an idea about where pedestrian accidents are more likely to occur. Interestingly, Wisconsin Avenue at Veazy Street was not among the intersections listed.

If you need tips about how to commute in D.C., we suggest visiting the Street Smart website. The campaign is looking to reduce pedestrian accidents occurring in the metro-area, as it has one of the worst rates for incidents in the country.

Injured in a Pedestrian Accident at the Wisconsin Avenue Crosswalk? Here is How Our D.C. Injury Attorneys Can Help

If you have been injured in a D.C. pedestrian accident, speak to our attorneys. Many times, negligent drivers are responsible for people being struck—drivers can be distracted and/or not paying attention to their surroundings prior to hitting someone.

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