Impromptu Snowball Fights Pose Real Dangers

By Peter DePaolis

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Over the past three months, there have been several impromptu snowball fights that have broken out in the Washington, D.C. metro area as a result of the snowy conditions that the area has experienced. While playful snowball fights among friends and family can be a good time, these battles occurred on public streets among strangers and posed dangers. You should avoid taking part in these, as people can get hurt.

In February, a 21-year-old woman was charged with assault in Washington, D.C. after she hit a police officer in the face with a hard, ice ball of snow during a snowball fight. In Washington D.C., two students were charged with a felony when a vehicle they hit with a snowball turned out to be that of an unmarked police car. And, lastly, many probably remember the snowball fight in December during which an off-duty Washington, D.C. police officer pulled out his gun when he approached a large crowd engaged in a snowball fight after some of the snowballs hit his cruiser.

While the snowball fights may have started off innocently enough, they pose dangers to the strangers involved and those passing by. If a snowball hits someone in the face during one of those impromptu snowball fights, it is not less of an assault simply because it occurs during a playful snowball fight. Hitting vehicles and damaging property is also a danger. Be safe and avoid taking part in impromptu and unpredictable snowball fights; you never know where your snowball will land or how much damage its impact can cause.

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