How Many Actually Died Because of an Ignition Flaw in GM Cars?

By Peter DePaolis

Attorney Ken Feinberg was hired by General Motors (GM) to oversee its victims’ compensation fund but has stressed his independence from GM management.

Feinberg announced this week how many deaths and injuries he has so far connected to a known ignition switch flaw in GM cars. The automotive behemoth has publicly attributed 54 accidents to the problem, resulting in 13 deaths, but the NHTSA believes the numbers are far greater.

Former Federal prosecutor Anton Valukas found no evidence of any kind of a cover-up or conspiracy, but faulted GM’s mismanagement and poor judgment. There is often a serious lag between discovery of a problem and an NHTSA-triggered recall.

General Motors recently issued “a stop-delivery order to dealers and a stop-ship order to the factory” for 2,800 Chevrolet Corvettes, because they may have been built with only one of the rear parking brake cables installed correctly.

GM disingenuously says these two actions aren’t recalls—simply an effort to “prevent recalls by trying to catch the problem cars before they are sold.” Many of the Corvettes have, of course, already left the lot with proud new owners behind the wheel.

In addition to recalling over 200,000 Saturn VUEs with faulty ignition switches, GM has definitely announced the recall of many other models, including:

  • Cadillac ATS
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Chevrolet Aveo
  • Pontiac G3
  • Chevrolet Spark 

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Did You Know? Safety became a major concern after the debut of Ralph Nader’s movie Unsafe at Any Speed, which is about the Corvair and the choice to save money over protecting drivers.

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