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How Do I Stay Safe as a Pedestrian? Our Attorneys Discuss Pedestrians Safety Guidelines

The key to avoiding pedestrian accidents is prevention by both pedestrians and automobile drivers. Pedestrians often have the right-of-way, but this does not necessarily mean that drivers are alert enough to avoid hitting pedestrians in all situations. To ensure that you avoid any potential accidents, it is important that you exercise caution at all times. Some tips to stay safe include:

  • Do not jaywalk — use crosswalks and obey traffic signals
  • Use available sidewalks (If there is no sidewalk, stay as far away from traffic as possible)
  • Wear bright clothing or reflective materials
  • Do not listen to headphones or talk on a cell phone while walking near a roadway
  • Always look both ways before crossing a street
  • Walk facing oncoming traffic

While these tips will not eliminate the possibility of any accident, following them will decrease your chances of being injured as a pedestrian.

Police Identify Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Garbage Truck in Washington, D.C.

We recently blogged about a pedestrian who was hit and killed by a garbage truck in Washington D.C. last January; according to WJLA ABC 7, police have identified the man. Officials said the 41-year-old victim had no fixed address.

In the early morning of January 17, the 41-year-old was struck by a garbage truck in northwest Washington, D.C.. Investigators said the garbage truck was traveling on I Street at 4:30 a.m. when the truck turned left onto southbound 13th Street, where the truck struck the victim, who was legally walking on a crosswalk. The garbage truck operator continued for approximately half a block when the driver realized he had struck someone and called 911. The crash remains under investigation.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident and feel that you are entitled to compensation, call our firm today for a free consultation. Our attorneys are available to help you if you need assistance in obtaining the compensation you are owed for your accident.

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