Federal Regulators Shut Down Unsafe Mine

Federal regulators shut down the Lucky Friday Mine last month in Idaho after the latest of three serious accidents in the past year. Last month, seven miners suffered injuries in a mine collapse at the mine site. A rock burst trapped the seven miners over 5,000 feet below the surface. Fortunately, rescue workers brought the men to safety without injury.

Earlier in 2010, two miners lost their lives in separate accidents. In April, a roof collapsed in a mine tunnel and killed one worker. Rescue personnel were not able to recover his body until nine days later. In November, a miner died from his injuries after being buried in rubble at the mine.

The two fatalities along with the mine collapse last month prompted the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration to shut down the mine pending an investigation. A spokesperson for the federal agency commented that it would not re-open the mine until they are sure it is safe.

The Lucky Friday Mine had a stellar safety record leading up to the accidents. The mine went 25 years without a workplace fatality.

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