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FBI Employee Sued for Pedestrian Accident

In what witnesses described as a road rage accident is now the center of a lawsuit against a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employee. The vehicle-pedestrian accident occurred on the morning of March 23 near 14th and F Streets Northwest in DC. A man was unloading equipment from a truck when a woman in a car approached him and began honking the car’s horn repeatedly. The man said the woman was honking the horn and screaming at him through the windshield.

The woman then accelerated her vehicle directly at the man, striking him in the knee. He heard a popping noise in his knee and screamed in pain. The victim’s co-worker got out of the truck after hearing the scream, and the woman accelerated her car at him as well. He landed on the hood of her car and she started to drive away with the man clinging to the car’s hood. She drove up the street and stopped with the man still on the hood.

Approximately four uniformed FBI officers appeared on the scene and spoke with a DC police officer. The FBI officers told the DC police officer that the driver works with them. The DC police officer cited the woman for changing lanes without caution. The Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyer representing the two men said the DC officer ignored the fact that she hit two pedestrians, another vehicle and attempted to flee the scene.

The FBI did not comment on the incident.

A pedestrian is no match against a vehicle, even at low speeds. Contact an experienced Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney if you suffer injuries in a vehicle-pedestrian accident. Kelly Fisher is an attorney at Koonz, McKenney, Johnson, DePaolis & Lightfoot and she can help you get fair compensation for your injuries.