Fairfax Teenager Killed in Electrical Accident while Trimming Trees

Unfortunately, accidents stemming from tree trimming remain all too common. A Washington man died last month when a falling tree part struck him on the head. A Richmond, Virginia worker died earlier in the year after a branch he was cutting fell onto a power line and electrocuted him. If negligence or poor safety on the job has led to injury for you or a loved one, a Northern Virginia personal injury lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your medical bills.

Last week a tragic tree trimming accident killed a Fairfax, Virginia teenager. The 17-year-old high school senior was trimming a tree in the evening using a power saw when the accident occurred. Rescue workers found the boy 20 feet up in the tree, unconscious with burn marks on his extremities. They suspect that the electrical current from a nearby 19,000-volt distribution line passed through the tree branch and into the teen’s body.

Falls and electrocutions are the most common causes of tree trimming accidents and deaths. Workers and others trimming trees can take steps to minimize the risk of a tree trimming accident. They should inspect trees limbs for structural weaknesses before beginning work. They should ensure that they adhere to all safety standards like maintaining a minimum distance when working near energized power lines. Often people trimming trees can work with utility companies to cut off the power to power lines or take other steps to cover or insulate live lines.

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