Fairfax Fire Kills Man and Dogs; 7 Escape

By Peter DePaolis

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A fire can result from a number of causes: an accident, a faulty product or a landowner failing to maintain his property. The property owner should always have properly-functioning fire detectors to alert people of a problem. Wiring and other materials used in building construction should be manufactured, installed and used properly. Their use should not increase the fire risks faced by people inside the structure.

In February, a man in the Fairfax, Virginia, Bailey’s Crossroads area and his two dogs were killed in a fire. There were seven other family members at the property who escaped without injury. The fire was reported just before 6 am. The damage to the house was estimated at more than $50,000. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

Smoke detectors are vital to escaping injuries from a fire, particularly when a fire breaks out during the hours when most people are sleeping, as happened in this case. Property owners owe it to their guests to ensure that smoke detectors are installed and working properly. Without this safety precaution, if a fire breaks out during sleeping hours, for instance, everyone can be trapped.

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