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Electric Current Goes through Teen’s Body and Exits through Kneecap

If you have ever been to any county fair, it may have crossed your mind about how safe the carnival rides really are. They are not permanent structures like in major amusement parks. Instead, workers repeatedly assemble and disassemble them as the rides tour around the country making millions of people smile and maybe injuring a few along the way.

Last month at the Allegany County Fair, a cable hanging from one of those rides sent a 17-year-old Mount Savage girl to the hospital with frightening burn injuries. According to times-news.com, the teen dropped her cell phone while exiting a ride called The Tornado. She bent down to pick up her phone and accidentally touched a cable hanging from the ride. Her father said she has burn injuries on her hand and arm. The electrical charge exited her body through her kneecap, said her father.

The story noted that a spokesperson for the Maryland Department of Labor said that in 2010 to 2011, approximately 2,000 carnival rides had safety violations. As this is the time of year for carnivals and fairs, the best way to avoid injury is to listen to the rider operators and obey any posted guidelines.

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