Elderly Man Forced to Retire After Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Baltimore County

By Peter DePaolis

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Baltimore County government officials reinstated a 71-year-old man who was forced to retire when he applied for workers compensation after sustaining an injury on the job.

The 71-year-old filed suit in federal court after the county forced him to retire following an accident in which he fractured his hip in 2011. The county then cancelled survivor’s benefits for his wife and attempted to end his workers compensation case in court, claiming that the 30-year employee had taken a disability retirement.

The former employee is to be reinstated to his job as a shop clerk in the Department of Public Works. He will also continue to receive his pension benefits for 30 years of service. The county also agreed to pay him two years of back pay, legal fees and emotional damages, reinstate survivor’s benefits for his wife and drop an appeal challenging his worker’s compensation case.

“This case is all about a guy who can still work and wanted to work,” stated the man’s attorney.

The county has paid out nearly $2 million to fourteen other county employees who filed suit against the county related to disabilities claims.

Our Maryland Injury Attorneys Explain Workers’ Compensation

It is shameful that a man who has worked hard for 30 years would be treated this way by his employer. As attorney David M. Schloss discusses in the video above, workers’ compensation is designed to provide injured workers monetary benefits and medical treatment for job-related injuries in lieu of the injured worker filing a lawsuit against the employer. Workers’ compensation benefits vary depending on the nature and extent of your injuries, and every state’s workers’ compensation procedure is different.

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