Did I Receive Inadequate Medical Care?

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So what do you do if you or your family are concerned about the medical care you are receiving? Patient safety is the most important goal.

First, get a second opinion about the surgery being proposed. Also, make sure that the doctors that you are working with are board certified in their specialty.

Understand the risk and the complications of any procedure you’re going to have or the side effects of drugs.

And if you’re in the hospital and you’re very concerned about the care, ask for the hospital patient advocate so that they can come and help you in your family communicate with the doctors and nurses. Lastly, get and actually read your medical records. So why contact an attorney if you’re concerned about a medical malpractice claim? These claims are very complex and very costly. They require medical experts to review to provide their view and opinion about whether the doctors or the nurses at the hospital did fall below that standard of care.

At Koonz McKenny we have thirty years of experience. We provide free consultation on claims of medical malpractice and we often provide options for the family in our review and consultation.

I am Paulette Chapman, attorney and partner at Koonz, McKenney, Johnson & DePaolis.

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