Is the D.C. Metro Failing to Train Bus Drivers?

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Photo of vehicles in trafficEarlier this month, there was a lot of confusion over transportation routes due to repairs on the Metrorail, which caused many rush hour commuters delays and frustration. Many commuters who sought alternative transportation methods are now taking the D.C. Metrobus. However, this alternative is proving to be just as frustrating, especially when Metrobus drivers don’t seem to know where they’re going.

According to The Daily Caller, riders of the Metrobus said Metro workers seemed generally “uninformed” about possible alternate routes after the Blue Line was closed due to repairs. Some drivers apparently got lost during the confusion, while others took instructions from the passengers they were transporting, which added to commute times and caused more delays.

Failure to Train Bus Drivers on Routes or Safety Can Cause a Bus Accident

If a bus accident occurred during all this confusion caused by a possible lack of training, it may be possible to hold D.C. Metro accountable for any injuries acquired. This would fall under transit authority negligence, which additionally includes cases where a company overworks bus drives and causes driver fatigue, failing to maintain equipment and failing to provide proper training to drivers.

The D.C. Metro has already been under intense scrutiny, given the smoke incident that stole the life of one passenger and injured dozens more. Additionally, the D.C. Metro has been under scrutiny after the many safety blitzes that shut down entire metro rail lines and the trains that have been recorded running red stop lights.

D.C. Metro is already on thin ice with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and it is once again displaying what seems like a disregard for public safety. While we recognize the need for bus drivers, it can be dangerous to throw inexperienced bus drivers out on the road without proper training.

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