Data Reveals Texting While Walking Hazards

By Peter DePaolis

We often blog about the dangers of texting while driving, but did you know that texting while walking is also hazardous?

Recently, ABC News had an interesting story about “petextrians” or people who endanger themselves and others by texting while walking. According to the news outlet, pedestrian accidents have increased by about 15 percent since 2009, after declining for several decades, with many safety experts saying distracted pedestrians are partly to blame.

Studies have suggested that people who text and walk take longer to cross streets and are more likely to ignore traffic signals or look before they take steps. The issue is becoming an increasing problem for teens in particular, as 40 percent in the U.S. admit to having been hit, or being nearly hit, by passing cars, motorcycles or bikes in their lifetime, while using a phone.

Make sure that you avoid distracted walking. As we have reported, the D.C. metro area has one of the worst pedestrian accident rates in the country, experiencing about one death per week.

You could potentially avoid being in a pedestrian accident by cutting out the use of your cell phone while you are walking. No text or email is worth your life—if you must use your phone while you are walking, we suggest moving away from traffic and coming to a complete stop.

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