D.C. Area Sees Holiday Traffic Continue to Increase Five Years in a Row

By Peter DePaolis

In a recent study by AAA, the travel organization found that about 40 percent of individuals in the Washington D.C. area plan on traveling outside of the city for the holiday season.

With more people opting to travel on the road than by air travel, this equates to roughly 2.3 million people taking to the nation’s roadways from Washington. As far as trends go, this is the fifth consecutive year that holiday travel in D.C. has increased.

The study also compared the holiday traffic statistics for nearby Maryland and Virginia. In the state of Maryland, AAA expects that holiday travel will be similar to years before, with about 1.9 million residents driving upwards of 50 miles away from their homes to celebrate the holidays.

In Virginia, the study projected that residents will drive farther and spend more to travel compared to AAA figures from last year. The travel organization stated that in 2012, Virginians traveled approximately 765 miles and spent $801 on travel. This year, these figures have risen to individuals traveling farther at 965 miles on average and spending $842 on their transportation needs.

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Source: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/12/holiday-travel-up-in-d-c-for-fifth-straight-year-98372.html

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