Contractor to Blame in Maryland Casino Construction Accident

This past summer, a construction worker at the Maryland Live! casino site lost the toes on one of his feet in a horrific construction accident. State investigators recently announced that a contractor from Owings Mills is responsible for the construction injury.

The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MOSHA) determined that Daniel Schuster, Inc was responsible for the worker’s injury this past July. The worker lost his toes when a wall fell and crushed his foot. The man was working inside a hole when the wall fell on him. Emergency responders rushed him to a nearby hospital, but doctors ultimately had to amputate all five toes on his right foot.

MOSHA investigators determined that the contractor failed to remove or properly support the 6,000-pound wall that fell on the worker. In addition, the contractor failed to provide a ladder for the worker to climb out of the hole where he suffered the serious construction injury. MOSHA classified the two citations against the contractor as “serious” and “other than serious,” respectively.

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