What are the Most Common Summer Accidents?

By Peter DePaolis

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Summer Accident Victims in DC

Summertime means more time outdoors, children out of school, and nights that never seem to end.

While there is plenty to love about summer, emergency room doctors tend to loathe its approach.

After all, summer sees an increase in accidents and injuries — ranging from automobile collisions to near drowning accidents to severe sunburns.

A vast majority of these accidents are truly accidents, but there are some that occur due to negligence, drinking and driving, and other reckless behaviors. If you or a loved one is injured this summer due to negligent acts, you may be entitled to compensation.

Exploring the Most Common Types of Injuries and Accidents in the Summer

Summer is here around the country, and most schools have already let their students go for the season. Whether you are a parent or a college student ready to enjoy your time off, here are some injuries to look out for:

  • Motor Vehicle AccidentsOne of the most dangerous times to drive or venture on a road trip is the summer season. The most dangerous out of the summer months is August, and Saturday is the most hazardous day according to the statistics. Not only are you dealing with more drivers on the road, but there are increased numbers of teen and distracted drivers alike.
  • Heat Stroke and Sunburns – Heat stroke can occur when you are working outdoors in the summer heat. If you are an employee, your employer is required to take precautions and prevent heatstroke.
  • Bicycle Crashes – Whether a motorist strikes you, or you are injured from a pothole in the road, bicycle accidents increase in the summer. More people are out enjoying the open road on two wheels, but with that influx of bikes comes the increased numbers of motorists that may or may not look out for cyclists.
  • Food Poisoning – From the backyard barbecues to restaurants offering outdoor dining, there is an increased number of foodborne illnesses in the summer. Often restaurants do not properly store food at the right temperature, and homeowners hosting barbecues may not practice sanitation.
  • Dog Attacks and Dog Bites – With children out of school, they might be out exploring the neighborhood. With that comes an increased number of dog bites and attacks.
  • Firework Injuries and Burns – Fireworks come out in the summer, epically for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. However, fireworks are extremely dangerous. Manufacturers are required to post proper warnings and instructions, but also those using them must take caution not to start a fire or injure someone.

What to do If You’re Injured This Summer

If you are injured over the summer from one of the above incidents or another accident caused by someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. It is in your best interest to speak with an attorney to explore your options for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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