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Catching Asbestos Issues Early In Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

Posted on December 23, 2010 to

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) recently confirmed the presence of asbestos in its Washington, D.C., headquarters building. Efforts are underway to eliminate the cause of the asbestos.

The fact that this problem was discovered and that employees were notified does have a positive aspect. However, because asbestos exposure has been proven to cause many illnesses, including breathing and lung problems—of which one is asbestosis–and a form of cancer known as mesothelioma. Questions still remain as to the effects, both short- and long-term, that may result due to the employees’ exposure.

Anyone who lives in Washington, D.C., Virginia or Maryland, may find that he or she is at risk to asbestos exposure, if he or she lives or works in a building that contains asbestos or is having asbestos removed.

If you are notified that a building in which you work or live has had asbestos removed, it is worth your while to see a physician in order to catch any issues surrounding your asbestos exposure early.

Many people don’t realize they’ve been affected by asbestos exposure until they are already sick. The symptoms of a sickness from asbestos exposure include coughing, fever and trouble breathing. When an individual inhales asbestos particles, the particles frequently get lodged in the person’s lungs. A cancerous condition called mesothelioma can result. This is a devastating illness that often results in death. Mesothelioma often requires extensive medical treatment just to keep the disease under control or to improve or maintain quality of life for the time that is left.

Those who are victims of asbestos poisoning in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. often face high medical bills, lost wages and long-term pain and suffering for their families. In addition, families who lose loved ones from asbestos poisoning face the issue of losing a primary breadwinner for the family.

For this reason, it is possible for Virginia residents to engage the services of a Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney who specializes in asbestos litigation.