Car Crashes into Building, Kills Retired Md. State Trooper

By Peter DePaolis

A retired Maryland State Police trooper was killed recently when a car crashed into the building where he had been living.

Philip Nolan Jr., 57, left the force in 2005 as a sergeant, after serving more than 20 years and was making a living as a welder.

The preliminary investigation indicates that in the early morning hours, a car carrying two men was traveling west on Route 20, when the driver lost control of the vehicle on a curve. The car veered off the road and into the building where Nolan was living, a converted blacksmith’s shop he was using as his business.

Emergency crews pronounced Nolan dead at the scene.

Police are investigating a possible false report of a stolen vehicle made by the suspects in this incident. It appears that the suspects reported shortly after 4 a.m. that their vehicle had been stolen. They had apparently walked from the crash scene to a private residence about a quarter-mile away, where they knocked on a homeowner’s door and asked for help.

The suspects are not being identified at this time. Charges are pending the outcome of an investigation, but police think alcohol was a contributing factor in the accident.

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