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Can Insufficient or Untrained Staff Result in Nursing Home Neglect?

Posted on December 19, 2018 to

A lot of for profit businesses care about the bottom line and nursing homes are no different. They may not have the proper staff or number of nurses to care for everyone. People getting checked on regularly is an important part of making sure no one is being neglected for hours and hours at a time, which often can happen. Fisher goes more into detail on nursing homes taking on patients that are too sick for them to even deal with.

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Staffing in nursing home is often the ultimate source of the problem. Nursing homes, a lot of them are for-profit businesses, so they care about the bottom line, and they don’t always have proper staff, they don’t always have the proper amount of nurses. There are certain ratios that certain types of health care facilities, like nursing homes should have. You know, X number of patients per one nurse, and that does not always happen. Proper staffing is really important so that people are there making sure that people are being checked on regularly and you don’t want, if you’re understaffed, somebody might go hours and hours and hours without ever being checked on by a staff member. And if you have a loved one who is particularly ill, that could be a problem. It’s just, another problem with nursing homes is they often take people that they shouldn’t. Meaning they’re taking patients that are too sick, and they don’t actually have the staff or the proper equipment to really care for these individuals. But they take them in anyway because it’s more money for them. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com