Bus Driver Charged in Death of Three People

By Peter DePaolis

Authorities in Virginia charged a bus driver with reckless driving in an accident that killed three people earlier this month. The bus accident happened on Interstate 85 in southeast Virginia, according to seattlepi.com.

The 56-year-old charter bus driver crashed his charter bus into a pickup truck. The pickup truck collided with another vehicle after the impact. Three people inside the pickup truck died in the fatal collision. In addition, a fourth passenger in the pickup truck suffered serious injuries. Rescue workers transported the injured passenger to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center by helicopter.

The bus was carrying college students on their way to Baltimore at the time of the accident. The bus driver and the driver of the third vehicle did not suffer injuries in the crash.

Unfortunately, bus accidents are in the news a lot lately. The driver in the above crash was driving recklessly at the time of the accident. We have blogged about other causes of bus accidents, including driver fatigue and unsafe buses. Federal regulators have been taking a closer look at safety regulations for carriers in an effort to reduce injuries and deaths.

As a bus passenger, have you observed bus drivers driving in a less-than-safe manner? Contact our office today.

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