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Bus and Construction Vehicle Collide in Fairfax

A commuter bus crashed into the back of a construction vehicle last month in Fairfax on the Dulles Airport Access Road. The auto accident occurred in the eastbound lane and caused several injuries, according to police. Emergency responders took 13 people to the hospital, but none with life-threatening injuries.

The Loudon County Transit commuter bus struck the construction vehicle, causing the vehicle to collide with a sedan. The impact caved-in the sedan’s trunk, according to the police report. As a result, over 80 gallons of fuel leaked from the construction vehicle and onto the road.

Authorities said the construction vehicle involved in the accident is a crash-attenuator. It is the vehicle parked at construction zones with arrows in the back directing traffic to the next lane. Traffic on the road remained at a standstill for hours after the accident. Police charged the bus driver with failing to maintain control.

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