Bicycle Accidents and Injuries in Virginia

In Virginia, bicyclists and automobiles have a duty to share the road and obey all traffic laws and signals. Unfortunately, not all drivers obey the law when it comes to bicyclists, and not all cyclists follow proper safety procedures when road biking.

The Virginia Code states that a motorist passing a bicyclist in the same direction must do so at a reasonable speed at least two feet on the left. In addition, the vehicle must not veer back to the right until it is safely past the bicyclist. A rear-end collision or side impact with the cyclist can occur if a car does not give a wide enough berth, and the cyclist can end up with severe injuries including head trauma.

Similarly, cyclists must take precautions and follow the same laws that cars must follow while biking on the road. Cyclists should obey all traffic signals, wear reflective clothing, keep their bikes in good condition, and avoid making sudden and unpredictable movements when riding alongside motor vehicles.

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