Attorneys Schloss and Murray File Lawsuits on Behalf of Sailors and Families After USS Fitzgerald Collision

By Peter DePaolis

On June 17, 2017, the ACX Crystal, a container ship employed and chartered by NYK Line, one of the world’s largest shipping conglomerates, collided with the USS Fitzgerald off the coast of Japan. On November 18, 2019, attorneys David M. Schloss and Kasey K. Murray filed two lawsuits against NYK, seeking in excess of $287 million in damages on behalf of the seven Navy Sailors who were killed and 40 of those who were injured.

The lawsuit alleges that the collision was entirely avoidable had the crew and officers of the Crystal simply followed established international rules specifically created to prevent collisions at sea. Instead, according to the lawsuit, the negligent and reckless conduct of the Crystal’s crew led to the horrific drowning deaths of seven young Navy sailors, and scores of others have been left with significant physical and psychological injuries.

With the filing of these lawsuits, our attorneys begin the process of holding accountable those responsible for this preventable tragedy.

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