Arlington County Man Electrocuted While Removing Lights

If your organization conducts work around electrical wires or water mains, one of your primary objectives should be checking work areas for any such electrical or water systems prior to beginning work. The safety of your employees is critical to the proper operation of your company or government agency.

An employee of Arlington County was electrocuted while removing a set of temporary lights. The employee was working throughout the night in an attempt to repair a water main break that was broken for two days. The accident happened when the worker contacted a power line. Another employee accompanying the worker was seriously injured during the accident.

While it appears as though the other worker may survive the horrific accident, on-the-job accidents like this one happen when fatigue or lack or planning is evident. When working around electrical sources, workers should be cautious and alert to possible scenarios such as this one. Arlington County could have had an electrician check the area around the water main break for electrical power prior to beginning work on repairing the broken line.

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