Are Slip and Falls Common in Nursing Home Abuse?

By Peter DePaolis

Attorney Kelly Fisher describes slip and fall cases as a common occurrence in nursing homes. People there who are weak or malnourished may have problems, which are unavoidable. But those who have not had proper assessments could be put at risk for falls. Find out more in this video with personal injury attorney Fisher as she explains the importance of nursing homes assessing and monitoring those who have been put in their care and what you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your loved ones.

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Video Transcription

Slip-and-falls are very common in nursing homes and again sometimes it’s unavoidable but a lot of times it’s because people are malnourished, so they’re weak. It can be because people have not gotten actual fall assessments, when you’re in a nursing home they should do an assessment to see if you’re a fall risk, and if they’ve not done that assessment or have not done that assessment properly, which does happen they might not be putting in the proper precautions to make sure if somebody doesn’t fall. Falling’s out of bed, and rolling out of bed, and being trapped by the bed rails and beds is actually a very common problem in nursing homes. Proper staffing is really important so that people are there making sure that people are being checked on regularly, and you don’t want, if you’re understaffed somebody might go hours and hours and hours without ever being checked on by a staff member, and if you have a loved one who is particularly ill that could be a problem. For more information please go to our website
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