Another Metro Bus Driver Caught Texting While Driving

By Peter DePaolis

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Despite the accidents, injuries, and deaths suffered by riders of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) in recent months, some Metro employees continue to behave negligently and put their own and innocent passengers’ lives at risk. And, unfortunately, accidents involving Metro buses and trains often entail severe injuries given the large number of riders and insufficient amount of seats and safety measures.

Only a few weeks ago, yet another DC Metro bus driver was caught texting on her cell phone while operating a bus. A passenger standing near the front of the bus due to a lack of space elsewhere took a picture of the bus driver glancing at her cell phone and texting with one hand, and controlling the bus’s steering wheel with the other. The driver was promptly fired by the WMATA, which has a zero tolerance policy against using cell phones while driving buses. In fact, the WMATA encourages riders to report to WMATA about any drivers using a cell phone while operating a bus.

Operator inattention is a major cause of Metro and bus accidents. Train operators may improperly switch lines or operate the train at an excessive speed. Bus drivers may fall asleep at the wheel, drive too fast, switch lanes without signaling, or operate the bus while being distracted by a cell phone. Passengers should not have to pay the price for their drivers’ negligent behavior.

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