Which Accidents Result the Most In Brain Injuries?

By Peter DePaolis

A car or truck accident can be the cause of a brain injury. This can be because of the way the vehicle is structured. When your head is jostled or moved side to side a concept called coup contrecoup can cause damage to your brain. Then there are the symptoms of a brain injury that you need to look out for. Watch as attorney Julie Heiden explains these symptoms and what you can do if it turns out you have a TBI.

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Video Transcription

Brain injuries absolutely occur as a result of car or truck accidents, I mean that is one method. And part of the reason for that is the way the individual’s structured in that car. When they’re jostled back and forth, or moved to side to side. While it may feel like only their body is moving inside what is also happening is a concept called coup contrecoup. And the brain inside the skull is moving back and forth. And that is causing microscopic shearing, the phrase microscopic may make it seem like it’s not a big deal but it is a big deal. Because it’s upsetting the functioning of the brain in some capacity, which can lead to symptoms consistent with a brain injury. So, oftentimes individuals who have suffered a TBI are not even aware of it to begin with. They may not be aware of it because of the fact that they have a TBI. So, it may not be until somebody else points out to them, hey you just said that word to me three times in a row, or I’ve noticed you’re really lethargic, I’ve noticed you’re slow to respond to me with certain words. Those are all factors which are indicative of a traumatic brain injury. But the individual who’s suffering from those symptoms probably doesn’t even recognize it because they have the brain injury to begin with. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com.
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