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500-Foot Crane Collapses at National Cathedral

Kelly Fisher

A nearby building and several cars suffered damage when a 500-foot crane collapsed at the National Cathedral earlier this month. The construction accident happened as crews performed cleanup duties at the Cathedral, as reported at msn.com. The Cathedral did not suffer any damage in the accident, which occurred around 11am.

The massive crane was on the south side of the church and fell into an adjoining building. The crane tore away a portion of the adjoining building’s roof. According to officials, the crane became unbalanced while the arm rotated. The operator had the crane’s arm extended 350 feet into the air when the crane fell.

Officials said the crane operator did not suffer injuries in the incident. The operator appeared shaken and paramedics examined him on-site, according to a fire official. There were no other reported injuries from the crane collapse. The report said that the crane crashed down near a path used by students at the National Cathedral School.

A spokesperson for the DC Fire and EMS said if the crane fell in any other direction, it would have caused major damage. Fortunately, crews closed-off the area around the Cathedral before they began the cleanup. An investigation of the accident is ongoing.

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